001 The national heritage. Machakela canyon

The national heritage of Machakela canyon - fascinating journey to Machakela - author's excursion from Akiki Beridze - waterfalls of Adjara - excursion to the mountain Adjara

We will visit everywhere and see everything that is described below, and then as it should be in Georgia, the hosts will treat their guests - you are waited by a traditional table and local folklore collective, who will sing for you songs and dances of Machakhela. Also the guests will be offered a master class on making cheese, khachapuri and national Georgian dishes.

  1. Mirweti village is located in a picturesque gorge. In addition to the beautiful waterfall and the arched bridge of the Queen Tamar, here the eye is pleased with the luxurious relict forest from the Kolkha boxwood. Feeling that  you have been in a beautiful  fairy tale.


2   The monument "The Gun." Ancient weapons and a special thing, the pride of the inhabitants of Machakhela - the gun "marsh" Machakhela  "produced by local residents, and during the war with the Ottoman Empire was organized weapons productio

3 The fortress of Gwara is 300 meters from the arrows of the rivers Machakhliswkali and Chorokh on a hill that rises above the valleys of these rivers. From the fortress a wonderful view opens up to these valleys, they are visible for many kilometers. At present, most of the fortress walls are destroyed, especially the south and north-west. But the remaining ones reach a height of 5-6 meters. At the excavations it was established that the fortress of Gwara was built in the 5th-6th century AD. The fortress was actively used in 8 - 14 centuries of our era. Its strategic importance in view of the successful geographical location was extremely great. Owning it, you could control the valleys of the rivers Machahela and Chorokh, as a result of which you have control over the way to the black sea.

4 The cannon in the Machakhela canyon appeared even during the Second World War. In the future it was used to protect the borders of the Soviet Union, since the border with Turkey is not far away. Back in the 50s of the 20th century a small military detachment was located here.

5 Arched bridge Tsxemlar, preserved since the 12th century, harmoniously complements the picturesque landscape. Century after century turned the man-made bridge into a natural crossing connecting the banks of a mountain river.

6 On the way to the upper Chkhutuneti you will meet a beautiful waterfall, consisting of three tiers. In hot weather, fans of extreme sports can slide down whith canopy.

7 On the way there is one of the most beautiful places in Zeda Chukuneti called "Kedi"

8  Museum  in the old Chkhutuneti. In the local museum there are interesting exhibits, a mock-room of the ancient dwelling of local residents, ancient weapons are a special thing, the pride of the inhabitants of Machakha was made by local residents, and during the war with the Ottoman Empire weapons manufacture was organized. Among the exhibits are also ancient items of household utensils, pottery, silver jewelry - dowry of local brides, carved wood from local breeds. The village of Chkhutuneti is on the border with Turkey, on the neighboring slope of the mountain there is a Turkish village, and in the village itself there are many traces of the former Turkish rule. In the Chkhutunet museum, located in the former Turkish mosque, the details of the mosque have been preserved - under the ceiling a small ornamental dome and carved walls and stairs. The work on carving and painting was performed by Georgian local masters, and they secretly, in protest against the Ottoman rule, and, trying to preserve their culture, weaved into the ornament elements of the Georgian painting - grape brushes with antennae. Surprisingly, no one noticed this, and these patterns have survived to this day.


9 Ethnographic   excursion to the house of local residents, which is already 200 years old. Many houses in Machakhl are traditionally built of chestnut trees. This solid wood does not lend itself to destruction by time. In such houses it is cool, and in the winter it's warm, and, in the house, it's impossible to notice the spicy-honey aroma that exudes the chestnut walls.

  1. Residents of Machkhela are friendly and hospitable, very attentive to both guests and to each other. It is interesting and pleasant to communicate with them. In addition, they are very talented



Duration of the tour - full day

The cost of the tour

With a group of 15 people 40 GEL

With a group of 10 people 45 GEL

With a group of 5 people 55GEL

(children under 5 years free)

+25 GEL feast +25 GEL folklore




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